Thursday, 16 June 2016

Winning the Battle

We had a really good night.  Gideon is not in as much pain, he is no longer taking morphine and they just took out his IV.  (Oh what a stinky stinky hand) He is alert and settled.  He's only thrown up three times- twice while trying to give him oral Tylenol through a syringe which he has always protested over and once after the first oral feed which he drank so quickly, it's no wonder he threw up.  I think the plan is to keep him in for a few more days so they can make sure the feeds are going well, to remove the buttons pinning his stomach in place, do a special test to see if and how much he might be aspirating and to make sure he his bowels are working.  Poor little toad has not pooped since Sunday.

Thank you to all my friends and family for all the love and support; the phone calls, emails, flowers, thoughts and prayers were really really needed and very appreciated.  My spirits were low but now I feel lifted.  I am far more at peace about everything and Gideon seems to be doing so much better.  God is Good and a Multitude of Prayers does Miracles!  

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