Saturday, 11 June 2016

G Tube on Monday

I brought Gideon in to see the paediatrician after he threw up last Friday and they admitted him at our local hospital.  He continued to throw up and they couldn't get an IV into him.  They ended up putting a tube down his nose into his stomach to  feed him.  This was horrible to watch and pure torture for Gideon.  This tube came out twice while we were there; once I think he pulled it out and it came out from his nose. The second time it came out when he threw up and the end of the tube was coming out his mouth while going in through his nose... like that horrible noodle trick people do.  On Thursday we were transferred to the London hospital.  The plan is to have a G tube put in on Monday.  His current diagnosis is failure to thrive.  Even if the G tube doesn't stop the throwing up, it might help keep him better hydrated when he gets like this and it also could help with some catch up weight.
On the up side he didn't throw up yesterday and his oral feeds are getting larger. He's doing really well in my eyes.
Thanks for all the love and support.

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