Thursday, 10 March 2016

... And We Have Lift Off!

10 - Today is day three of Gideon opening his mouth for solids.

9 - I had the dietitian in today and Gideon is finally over 17 pounds! (17 pounds 3 oz)

8 - Gideon has also reached the 15% mark for his length! (80cm)

7 - He is sideline shuffling around the room and, when on his tummy, lifting his head off the ground and pushing backwards with his hands!

6 - When I put him in sitting position, I can let him sit unassisted for up to maybe 5-10 seconds.

5 - He can make his teddy bear "Jump" and Wiggle" when directed to.

4 - Rolling a ball back a forth with someone is one of Gideon's favourite games.

3 - He is happy; He laughs.  He smiles.  He smirks in such a contagious way.  His dimples could melt any heart.

2 - Gideon is exploring the world around him.  He is curious yet cautious.  He problem solves when he shuffles himself into a corner.

1 - Gideon is making progress.  He is growing, developing. learning; becoming a beautiful little boy that I am so very proud of and love beyond words.

... we have lift off.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Little Bird is Learning to Eat

Last night, during my daily attempt to feeds Gideon solids, he opened his mouth for me and ate off his spoon!

You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this!

At meal time, Gideon usually will deal out a number of avoidance techniques: he will clamp his mouth shut, push away the spoon, tilt his head back or shake his head no.  I place a little puree on his lips and am lucky if he licks it off.  Confession - Occasionally I revert to dumping.  Meal time has been primarily "food experience time".  This has been going on for over a year.  You have no idea how difficult it has been to stay personally positive, make his meal times positive and to continue this seemingly futile pursuit.     

I have been trying to model eating recently by using a big silver spoon and feeding myself large mouthfuls in front of him.  Literally right in front of his face.  Last night he had the biggest smiles, he was almost laughing at me, as I dished large spoonfuls of curry into my gaping mouth, smacked my lips and announced how good it was with a loud "Mmmmmmmm".  To my surprise, when it was his turn, he actually opened his mouth like a little baby bird. He opened his mouth for me over and over again.  Sometimes he would stick his tongue out for me to dab a little puree onto it.  For one bite, he actually reached for my hand with the spoon and brought it towards his mouth!   I was actually feeding him and he was actually welcoming the food into his mouth.   

I am seriously ecstatic. I pray that this is a break through for us!    

Saturday, 5 March 2016

The Best Laid Plans...

Last Sunday, we brought Gideon in to the ER and they sent us home with medication and a pat on the back.  Sunday night Gideon woke up with a fever (101.7- not a radio station).  With some Tylenol, cold compresses and a dip in the sink, his fever came down.  He woke up with a very mild fever but seemed better on Monday.  We went down to London, thinking the Geneticist would be able to tack on some extra lab work for us but when we got there, the secretary just handed us the requisition and told us the doctor wasn't expecting to see us.  After all the lab work was drawn, we went to the cafeteria for lunch.  Of course Gideon threw up everywhere while John was bringing Alex to the washroom.  The lady at the table beside us was so kind and rushed over to help us with a pile of napkins.  She even wiped my boots saying "Be careful you don't slip".  Gideon and I were both drenched.  That was our cue to go home.  Luckily the drive was good and there were no weather concerns.

Needless to say, after a fussy night and his refusal to eat, I brought him to Owen Sound where they admitted him.  His O2 stats were in the high 70's to mid 80's so they had him on a little oxygen and they hooked him up to an IV to get him medicated and hydrated.  The pediatrician on call was really good with Gideon.  He introduced himself by touching Gideon gently while talking to him.  He even asked the staff to make a sign for Gideon's room.  I have to say it was above and beyond!

Although it wasn't a long stay (we got home on Thursday), it feels good to be home.  I know Alex is really happy about it too.  The antibiotics seem to be doing their job and Gideon is on the mend.  There is suppose to be a referral for a pulmonologist coming our way too, so maybe there will be some more investigations into his repeated lung infections.
So I guess it was just another normal week in our little house.