Saturday, 18 June 2016

Upset Tummies

Alexander and John came yesterday afternoon.  It was so nice to be reunited as a family.  But then at supper time, Alexander began to throw up.  Really?  John told me he threw up during the night too.  Now they have to stay away from the room so Gideon doesn't catch it.  I'm a little worried he may have already caught it.  Last night Gideon threw up and he was really fussy and seemed both nauseous and in pain this morning.  He was refusing the bottle and was even pushing me away when I tried to hold him/comfort him.  He's doing better now with some anti-nausea medication and more Tylenol.  I just hope it's not going to turn into something more.  Part of the pain problem might be due to a hematoma (a swollen blood clot) that has developed by the insertion they made in his bellybutton.  It's also really bruised looking.  Poor little toad.  They are hoping to take out the buttons holding his stomach in place tomorrow.  These might be causing some pinching too and hopefully he will be in less pain when they are gone.

The good news is that Gideon passed his Milk test and they didn't see any significant signs of aspiration.  This means we can continue to feed Gideon orally and just top him up through the G-tube!!!  I am really happy about this because it would have been really hard on both of us if he had to stop eating orally.  It's such a comforting thing and a means of connecting with him.  Also, I'd hate to see all the hard work he's been doing to better his oral motor skills and the progress he's made in the fight against oral sensitivity issues with textures/tastes go all to waste.    

Here's to better days on the horizon and hopefully Alex will feel better for his birthday tomorrow.  Not exactly sure where the celebrations will be held if he's still sick.  Maybe we should just push it off a day or two.  Do you think he'll notice?    

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