Sunday, 28 February 2016

Pop Quiz

1. What did Gideon's latest trip to the ER reveal?
A) Pneumonia
B) Asthma
C) Virus
D) All of the above

2. What did the ER doc try and discharge us with before requesting a chest xray?
A) Bad cold
B) Viral Illness
C) Over Zealous mom
D) All of the above

3. How did Gideon present in the ER?
A) O2 levels ranging from 78-95%
B) Lethargic and fussy with laboured breathing
C) Vomiting in the room
D) All of the above

4. What did the doc say when she discharged us?
A) Take these steroids and antibiotics for the next 4 days
B) Come back if he is still vomiting
C) I don't think we should do any lab work cause it will only cause him more discomfort.
D) All of the above

If you answered D to all of the above you win.  Good job winners.

My poor little Gideon is sick.  He's not able to sleep.  I can't console him. He's throwing up.  His feeds are small.  We are suppose to see our geneticists tomorrow to have our blood work taken for the genome sequencing test.  If we go, I'm going to ask her to tag on some lab work.  It's so frustrating when an ER doc who doesn't know your son looks at you down her nose because you don't have a medical degree.  If I come in saying my son has a history of aspiration with pneumonia, along with asthma and I am concerned about his O2 levels don't look at me smugly and say his O2 levels were fine when he presented at triage.  I'm sure they improve when he is sitting up and screaming because a strange lady is poking him with a thermometer.  Lots of air coming in while his heart rate sky rockets is bound to improve the O2.  What I'm worried about is when he is in supine position, coughing, and too lethargic to even open his eyes all the way.

The thing is that Gideon still does not have a diagnosis.  There are many things out there that can present like a "viral illness" and really be caused by something systemic.  I really am happy that we can try fighting this thing in the comfort of our home and not be admitted but there is an anxiousness about it all.

The Plan: We'll see how tonight goes.  If he's up for it in the morning we'll head down to London to see our geneticist and try to have some lab work done on him while drawing for the genetic test.  If he's sick as a dog, the London hospital is not a bad place to be I guess.

I hate lung infections         

Friday, 12 February 2016

Yeah Yeah Yeah!

I just received an email from my professional organization CHIMA that they will be willing to waive a large chunk of my Continuing Professional Education credits for this term because of my extenuating circumstances! With out these credits, I would no longer be eligible as a member of my college.  I only need to obtain 1.5 credits by the end of the month and I can continue being certified as a HIM.

My foot is still in the door!

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Put a Pancake in My Pocket

This morning while helping to get the boys out the door to daycare, Alex (my three year old) made me smile.  They have to leave the house before 7am so John can make it to work on time and this means breakfast for Alex is a bit rushed.  Often he has to bring half of it in the car with him to eat. (This morning he had only eaten one pancake before it was time to go.) He had a drinkable yogurt in one hand and a toy airplane in the other.  I stuck a banana in his right coat pocket and asked if I could put his airplane in the other so he could hold his second pancake.  He said he wanted to hold his airplane and didn't want it in his pocket.  I asked if he could hold both the airplane and the pancake.  He looked at me thoughtfully and said "I don't have three hands - *pause* - put the pancake in my pocket."

So that's what I did.