Friday, 28 August 2015

Happy Birthday Gideon

Happy First Birthday Gideon!

On Wednesday, Aug. 26th, Gideon turned one.  Here are just some of the goodies he got:

High contrast books

200 Plastic Balls 

Glowing Orb

Musical Projector

Wiggly Caterpillar

We tried giving Gideon some whipped cream but he really didn't like the feeling of it on his fingers.  He got seriously sad :(  Other than that, it was a really great day.

I know a lot of you are wanting to see a picture of Gideon in his new glasses so I snapped this picture before I put in his lenses.  There probably won't be too many pictures with him in his glasses.  They are mainly for when we loose one of his contact lenses or if we actually have a weekend away from the kids.  Look! He's yawning... soooo cute!

Friday, 21 August 2015

Gideon's Glasses

We finally have glasses for Gideon!

They are a little thick; About as thick as a penny... lying flat.

Oh so cute!

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Gideon's New Hearing Aid

Last week Gideon got his new hearing aid.  Since we had the fluid taken out of his ears and tubes put in, his hearing has improved by leaps and bounds but he still has a bit of a loss.  His right ear has normal to mild hearing loss and at this point we don't need to aid it.  His left side has a mild to moderate hearing loss.  The audiologist questioned if we even needed to aid it because his right ear was doing so well but because of his visual impairment I thought it might have some benefit.  So far he has been really tolerant, pulling it out only when he has dropped his toys.  When we picked it up the audiologist realized that the company had forgotten to put a lock on the battery case so she gave us a water resistant cover to hold it in place.  We've already gotten a call to pick up a new battery door with a lock, but I just haven't made it there yet.

Side Note:  When I went to put Gideon's contact lenses in this morning I realized that one of them was ripped.  I only have one "spare" one right now.  It is a lost lens that I found on the floor in front of the dryer.  Pop Quiz - Would you wear a contact lens that most likely went through the washer and dryer?