Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Another Therapy Session

Today is Wednesday.  This means that the boys are both in daycare and I am home alone.  I've done the dishes, put some laundry away, did a devo, and tidied things up, so now it's time for some *relaxation therapy. 

*Relaxation therapy = Listening to the Decemberists, drinking coffee and playing with some water paint in the beautiful sunshine coming in through my window.

This is distracting me from my worries.
- Gideon threw up again yesterday at daycare and his coughing and breathing are not exactly on target.  We are seeing our pediatrician today.  I really hope the pneumonia is not back again.
- We saw genetics last week.  We have now applied for approval to have the "Whole Exome Sequencing" genetic test funded.  This will take months.  Once we have approval to have this test covered, we (John, Gideon and I) will all submit blood samples to test.  The results of this blood test can take up to a whole year for results.  And so the wait continues...    
- We  had our first consult with a neurologist last week too. We looked at the MRI he had in Sept and over all there are not any really big structural abnormalities.  This is good.  What is worrying is that his myelin sheath (the nerve/axon coverings) in parts of his cortex are not quite the thickness they would expect for someone his age.  This could change the speed of the transmissions coming to or from his brain.  This change in speed could result in numerous different outcomes-  Behavioral changes, comprehension/learning difficulties, ability to focus etc.  The thing is though that these nerve coverings are not fully developed until around the age of two so this means there could still be some changes/brain development to occur.  She has recommended another MRI.  There was also the suggestion that we should keep our eyes open for possible signs of Gideon having a seizure- not necessarily the full out shaking kind, but the more subtle type that could look like spacing out, repeated muscle tensions or reflexive movements.  If we suspect something is going on than we should have an EEG done.  

And so I turn to my distractions.         

What are your distraction techniques, that pull your eyes and mind away from the chaos that life meets? 

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