Monday, 4 January 2016

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!

I made Oliebollen (spelling?) a Dutch new years treat for my husband this year.  Disclosure- My side of the family is not Dutch and I've never really made these before.  I found a recipe on the good ol' internets.    I was worried that the oil was going to be too hot and that the insides might not cook but I think they turned out well.  None of the ones I ate were under-cooked. John said he didn't want raisins in them, so I put apple in them instead.  I think I could have put a bit more in, but I'll know for next time.  Traditionally these are eaten with powdered sugar but I didn't have any, so I just put some white sugar into my coffee grinder and made some of my own.  

I'm not much of a deep fryer and I really don't know what to do with the left over oil. Any suggestions?

While I was making the Oliebollen, John put on an Andre Rieu DVD that was my father-in-laws.  This was a nice surprise.  Albert really enjoyed watching these and listening to the "Flying Dutchman".  It's nice to carry on some traditions within our own family.  

New years day was full of warm happy feelings and full tummies!

What new years traditions do your families keep?  Do you have tips or additions for my oliebollen? 

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