Monday, 4 January 2016

The Blame Game and a Reality Check

It feels like I often use Gideon's low vision as an excuse for many of his delays.

He's not crawling or sitting on his own? - Oh, kids with visual impairments can have gross motor delays.  I've heard they can even be up to a year behind.  No or little visual stimuli will mean decreased motivation for looking around, making his neck muscles weak.

He's not transitioning to solids? - Oh, I guess he hasn't been able to see us to model that behavior.  Also he has a hard time seeing the food coming so.. maybe it's been a startling or jarring experience.

He's still mouthing his toys? - He's just looking for tactile experiences, plus he's not been able to see how to play with them through modeling.

Theses are really just cop outs.  I know the vision piece is part of the issue but it is not the whole reason for all the delays.  I'm sure there is far more going on, things I don't want to admit to.  I know he has low tone.  I know he has a gross motor delay.  I know he is delayed developmentally.

Today we met with our Physio therapist along with the vendor for our new stander.  Casually, while filling out some forms to have the stander partially covered, physio asked if we had looked at wheel chairs for Gideon. *heart sinks and lump in throat emerges* There really hasn't been much talk about Gideon's prognosis or his very slow progress.  I said that at this point he was still light enough to carry around and that we had just transitioned out of the bucket car seat.  She indicates that we can fill out the forms now to just cover the stander and always update them later... if we need to.

Does it get any easier, having your hopes and expectations squashed?

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