Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Put a Pancake in My Pocket

This morning while helping to get the boys out the door to daycare, Alex (my three year old) made me smile.  They have to leave the house before 7am so John can make it to work on time and this means breakfast for Alex is a bit rushed.  Often he has to bring half of it in the car with him to eat. (This morning he had only eaten one pancake before it was time to go.) He had a drinkable yogurt in one hand and a toy airplane in the other.  I stuck a banana in his right coat pocket and asked if I could put his airplane in the other so he could hold his second pancake.  He said he wanted to hold his airplane and didn't want it in his pocket.  I asked if he could hold both the airplane and the pancake.  He looked at me thoughtfully and said "I don't have three hands - *pause* - put the pancake in my pocket."

So that's what I did.

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  1. Oh Alex!!! He's so cute:) And also very rational;)