Monday, 16 May 2016

56 Days- not so bad.

I've been going over some of my paperwork for taxes and I thought I'd share some stats:

  • Gideon spent 56 days in the hospital or attending appointments in 2015- and that doesn't include trips to the local ER, Family Doctor or Audiologist.  That's over 15% of his year! (With the additional days it's probably just over 2 months!)
  • The hours spent driving back and forth from London add up to about 6 days worth of driving alone (144 hours approx.).
  • Gideon had 83 days of in house services for OT, PT, Speech, Dietitian, Infant Development and Low Vision.
  • Gideon was put under general anesthetic for day surgery 6 times.
  • He was admitted in hospital 4 times.
  • We spent close to $250.00 on Parking.

Looking back on this, I'm fortunate to think- It could be worse!  It's all about the perspective.  There are families out there who have spent entire years living in the hospital with their little ones.  There are families that are dealing with children so sick, they are counting the days.  Praise the Lord that life with my two little Chickadees is busy and tiring but not despaired.  When you enter the world of parenting special needs children, life and perspective grow so much larger.  I think appreciation and love grows too.

As a side note: Gideon has been fevered and throwing up again - since Friday.  The asthma medication has helped with his breathing but he is still coughing.  Please send your thoughts and prayers this way that his appetite returns so his feeds will increase and we don't need to bring him in for an IV to improve his hydration.        

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