Thursday, 28 April 2016

My Little Pony

During our last admission our physiotherapist dropped off a walker for Gideon to trial.  She called it "The Pony".  When we first put him in it he was pretty unsure about it.  As soon as I said motorcycle and started making loud, very girly, poorly imitated, motorcycle sounds he seemed a little more impressed with the new contraption- but the moment it moved, he became unsure about the whole thing and really quite scared.  Today was about the fourth time he has sat in it and I think he's starting to catch on.

To ease him into it, I started off by playing ball with him. (Something he really enjoys)  I placed the ball in front of him, resting it on the handles, and he would push it off.  After this he was feeling more comfortable and less nervous.  He was pushing himself backwards and shuffling around in a circle a little.  We even had some smiles. 

Alex gets a little jealous of all the attention and support I have to give Gideon. I try really hard to make him a part of our activities but sometimes it's hard to get creative.  He did a really great job playing ball with Gideon while he was in his pony/motorcycle.  He also wants to help Gideon... I feel so bad when I have to tell him that he can't push him or stand on the walker when Gideon is in it.  I can tell that his good intentions are crushed and he thinks that I am just scolding him.  While Gideon was in the walker, Alex was super clingy too.  Actually, even after I took Gideon out, he wanted to climb all over me.  Sometimes I feel like there is just not enough mommy to go around.
I love my beautiful boys!
I'm sure it will get easier as the new equipment becomes more a part of our lives and less new.  

Now I can't wait to get Alexander a new bicycle and watch them race around together.  Birthdays are coming soon... well soon-ish.  June is just around the corner right?    

Off to the races!

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