Wednesday, 18 May 2016

This Dance is Difficult

It's wearing. Being admitted monthly with lung infections is growing old. His initial labs show that his recent dehydration is not making his kidney very happy.  (He only has one that works... so it always makes me nervous when the labs suggest it's under stress) The Iv fluids should help. His chest xray is showing wear and tear from all the repeated lung infections which could lead to a chronic lung condition. My prediction is a course of antibiotics, a week at home of recovery, two weeks of smooth sailing and then a bought of vomiting and/or cold symptoms to begin the cycle again.  
The pediatrician thinks he is aspirating and each admission is a new pneumonia being complicated by his asthma.   I don't think he is aspirating while he eats. I think it's when he vomits.   Will the dreaded g- tube help? I'm not entirely convinced.
I just wish it it would stop. The coughing, the infections, the fevers, the vomiting. I'm tired of being helpless when my little one is so sick.

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