Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Gideon's Immune System vs Pneumonia - A Metaphorical Look at Cat vs Toaster Video's

After Gideon woke up from an afternoon nap yesterday he was fussy and refusing to eat, so I brought him into the ER last night for some hydration.  They got his IV in his arm on the first try! (He is notorious for bad IV starts)  I feel a little bad, when the nurse came to do it I thought she was just drawing some lab work and I told her it was easier to get bloodwork out of him than to put in an IV... whoops! I'm so glad I didn't throw her off her game with that comment.

They also did a chest xray- Pneumonia Again!!!  What???

Luckily the little guy was putting on a show last night.  Although he has a cough, he was smiling and laughing,  moving around the bed and playing-  there was zero signs of him needing extra care (His O2 levels were fine) so they gave his first dose of antibiotic through his IV and sent us home with a 7 day prescription.  I really think the new asthma medication has been helping to open his airway and prevented us an admission last night.  

My big question is- What's with all the pneumonia?
Are these truly reoccurring pneumonias or are the antibiotics just not working?  Seriously-  He was admitted in January, March and April with Pneumonia.  He also had a confirmed RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) in March.  Is this virus lingering longer than it should be? Do I need to disinfect my house and keep him in a bubble?  Do I need more vigorous hand washing protocols?  Do I need to google research how to improve immune systems in a possibly immune compromised child  until I get tired and end up watching cat vs toaster videos?  All very pressing questions...

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