Friday, 8 April 2016

Long Days

On Wednesday Gideon and I had a long day.  I guess it actually started on Tuesday night.  We had to be at the hospital for 7am on Wednesday so we decided to spend the night in London so we wouldn't have to leave the house at 4am to get there.  No brainer right?  The Ronald McDonald house was all filled up as well as their extra hotel rooms so we had to book a hotel.  When looking online all the hotels were sold out.  I called one anyway and they said they still had a room for $175.00.  I asked if there was any way they could give us some kind of discount and they asked us why we were coming to town.  Luckily the hotel had a discount program for people coming into town for hospital visits and the room only ended up being $110.00.  Actually it felt more like a small apartment than a room.  Because we had checked in late, they upgraded us to a large suite.  It had 2 bathrooms, a sunk in livingroom. a kitchen with a full sized fridge, a dinning table that could seat 8, and a separate bedroom with a king sized bed and an on suite that had a jacuzzi tub.  Did I mention the balcony? I think the place had more closets than my house.  I did enjoy a soak in the tub, but we didn't stay long because we had to leave by 6:30am.  Gideon was in the operating room just before 9:00. He had an ear exam which ended up being a double myringotomy as one tube had fallen out and the other was blocked.  He also had a hearing test (ABAER) and an eye examination under sedation.  I won't have the results of the hearing test until our follow up.  The eye exam went well.  The doctor wants to see him in another 3 months.  She said his contact lens prescription has changed and then asked if he would tolerate glasses- bifocals.  

I didn't get into the post op room until just after 12:00.  His O2 levels were fluctuating a little and he had a bit of a wheeze but we got through it.  By the time we were discharged it was after 2:30.  The post op nurses were really great.  They even faxed his ear drop prescription down to the pharmacy so we could pick it up on the way out.  I debated getting a hotel room and just spending another night in town but Gideon seemed like he could tolerate the drive home.  Of course once we got home he started throwing up.  He threw up twice.  Yesterday he was still throwing up- lots.  I hate it when his puke soaks through two layers of clothing and ends up in my bra.  Anyway, today is better.  The anesthetic must be making it''s way out of his system.  He doesn't usually react this way to it.  I think it's because he was under for so long.  At least he has not thrown up yet today and he seems to be sleeping things off.  

Overall I'd call it a success - a long, tiring, slightly stressful, success.    

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