Friday, 19 June 2015

Happy Birthday Alexander!

My beautiful little boy has turned 3!

Today we had some of Alex's friends and his cousin over for a little birthday party.  It was so nice to have a day all about him.  Most days when someone comes to visit the house, it's to come see Gideon.  OT, PT, Speech, Low Vision, Dietitian, Infant Development... Alex always feels left out.  Having people over to see him and celebrate his special day was just icing on the cake!

I often sit with Alex and flip through the flyers that come in the mail.  I try and introduce new vocab and do some letter and number recognition.  About a month ago we came across a picture of a pinata in a bulk food flyer.  He was enthralled with the idea.  He said he wanted one that looked like a giraffe and that was when I made up my mind to find the time to make one.  I haven't done paper mache since I was 9 but I think it turned out pretty well.          

It was a really great day and I know Alex had a blast!

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