Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Valentine's Day Shark Attack

So... just when I thought things were steady, I went to pick up Gideon from Daycare and he was fevered and not quite himself. (Fussy, then lethargic, then not very responsive.  His eyes were not really connecting with me.  He was off!)  Normally I'd wait it out a couple of days and see if things would resolve but because we were having the MRI under anesthetic tomorrow (and because we were just under anesthetic last week, which upped our chances of a lung infection), I thought maybe I should just check it out and make sure everything could still be a go.  After giving him some Tylenol, I headed off to the local ER to see if I could have a chat with the on call Pediatrician.  The ER doctor was really good and remembered us from a previous visit.  He ordered labs and a chest x-ray, even though Gideon looked amazing.  The Tylenol had made his fever disappear and he was his old self again- smiling, playing, looking like a very healthy boy.  The Pediatrician on call came in before our results and he took one look at Gideon and said he should go home, and that he probably just had a cold.  Then the radiologist actually came to see us personally.  He told us that he thought Gideon had a left lung pneumonia again (Probably due to aspiration of some sort)  and that his white count was up.  I think he has read most of Gideon's chest x-rays over the past two years and he seemed very sympathetic and even mentioned how hard it can be when you have a special needs child plus another little one to take care of.  Very kind!  Once the ER doctor found out, he was kind enough to cancel our MRI appointment for us (Pneumonia and anesthetic do not really mix) and prescribed a well thought out antibiotic that seems appropriate considering Gideon's history of multiple pneumonias.  Now we are home!  Fingers crossed that the medicine does what it's suppose to do and we don't have to go back!

I guess it's a good thing I listened to my gut.  If I hadn't gone in to see someone, Gideon would have gone under Anesthetic with a pneumonia and he could have had a much worse outcome - possibly even an admission.        

CAUTION - GRAPHIC MATERIAL (Someone gets eaten and there is blood)
 Please enjoy this depiction of pneumonia devouring it's prey.  

Who knew pneumonia had such sharp pointy teeth?

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