Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Christmas Card DIY

So with all this time to myself, I've had time to do something I have never done before; I've sent out Christmas Cards. 

Yes, it's a little embarrassing.  We have received cards from friends and family over the years, but have never jumped on the Christmas Card Bandwagon.  With this being our fist year, I wanted our cards to shine a little, so I embossed Merry Christmas in braille.  How? - A couple of weeks ago, our early years center was cleaning out some of their nooks and crannies and they came across some low vision literature that they thought I might be interested in.   Amongst their finds was a Parents Braille Kit given out by the CNIB.  Although it seems to be missing the Story Book, it did have the stylus, slate and the Grade One Braille Home Study Guide.   

You have to write all your letters backwards when using the stylus punch and on the back of the page, so the braille will be raised.  I think I only messed up 3 cards :)  I got better as I went along. 

I think the end result was really nice.  Even though no one in our family reads braille, I hope I'm creating awareness about low vision and the challenges of inclusion for all people in our society. Merry Christmas Everyone!

(You can buy a braille stylus and slate from the CNIB Store for under 15$.)   

How are you spreading Christmas cheer this year?  Have you had any challenges with trying to be inclusive during the holidays?


  1. Jen, I thought your Christmas card and the inclusion of "Merry Christmas" in braille was wonderful:) After each of your entries, I think to myself what a beautiful person you are, so selfless and gifted, and so full of love. Your children, and John, are so very blessed to have you in their lives.

  2. Thank you for the kind words... very uplifting.