Monday, 28 September 2015

*Cough* *Cough*

I brought Gideon to the hospital yesterday to get him checked out.  He has a nasty cough/wheeze and was even throwing up yesterday. (Whole bottles!)  With our current feeding issues, I wanted to make sure he didn't have pneumonia (infection in the lungs) due to aspiration.  The chest xrays looked fine but he sounded really crackly.  The doctor gave us a prescription for two different puffers and told us to keep on eye on him.  Last night he actually slept.  Prior to this, my poor little chickadee had not been sleeping so well with all the coughing and wheezing; I'm glad the puffers are working.  He's still a little crankier than usual.  On the up side he's loving the snuggles, which I am more than happy to give.

Let's all hope that the puffers keep the pneumonia at bay and this clears up sooner rather than later.        

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