Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Curious George goes to the Doctor

I brought Alex in to see the family doctor today because his tonsils looked a little swollen.  He had Strep back in January and I'm thinking that's what this is again.  Last time he had strep throat he had a very sudden seizure and I'm a little on edge because of that.  Of course going to see the doctor is a big deal right now.  Alex wore one of my grade 8 science fair medals around his neck and brought his "Monkey George" to see the doctor.  He was a little nervous at first and then he saw the stethoscope.  He loves using a stethoscope to listen to his heart.  It's so cute cause when he plays doctor at the house he always makes heart sounds.  He asked for it right away and the doctor was so good and let him examine everyone with it.  Curious George has never been in better health.  With throat swabs done and all medical equipment sanitized, it was time to leave.  I did a little grocery shopping and made some lunch when we got home.

Then it was nap time...

Alex in bed - Check
Socks off - Check
Blue Blankie - Check
Monkey George - ??? MIA ???

Yes that's right, Curious George was left at the doctor's office.  The most beloved toy my two year old has by his side almost everywhere he goes was sitting alone in the coat room of the doctor's office.  *Palm to Forehead*   So no there will be no nap time today.  The doctors office is a good half hour away from the house and now I have to get everyone bundled up, in the car to go and pick up the curious little monkey who likes to get into trouble.  Now where is my yellow hat?  


I now have two very happy and tired little monkeys safe and sound at home.

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