Thursday, 2 March 2017

Stomach Juice Morning Jolt

So after getting Alex onto the bus this morning, Gideon accidentally pulled out his G-tube.  Sometimes he "plays" with his tube - sort of flicking it with his hand, while we do bum changes.  This morning, it came right out, fully inflated.  Oozing stomach juices prior to my morning coffee leave me feeling a little uneasy.  Ok maybe freaked out is a better turn of phrase.  Yes I may have been just a touch frantic.  We have had the G-tube since June, so his stoma is pretty well established, but I remember someone saying that they can close up on you pretty quickly.  I've only observed the nurses changing it out once... so I've never done it myself before.  I was trying hard to flash back to our clinic a month ago.  So my first instinct was to reach for a temporary tube to stick in the stoma and then bring him to the ER were they had experience putting these things in.  I stuck the tubing in, taped it all down with some gauze and then realized that his stomach contents were coming out the other end of the temporary tube.  Plan B- I then tried to find a syringe to deflate the balloon portion of his old MicKey tube that had come out but for some reason, I couldn't get my regular syringes to fit... maybe I was flustered?  I opened my spare MicKey box to get the syringe that comes in the kit, deflated the balloon, inserted the MicKey into the stoma, but the water wouldn't stay in the balloon, it kept pushing back into the syringe.  Then, when I tried to pull my syringe out, a part of the MicKey was stuck to the end of the syringe.  Really?

Long story short- It took just over 2 hours in an ER waiting room (Good thing I had something in his stoma!) and 5 minutes to put my spare MicKey in. Now I have to order a new replacement (CHA$$$CHING$$$), after just putting the last one in a month ago.  

Oh well.  At least my post trauma Timmy's Roll Up the Rim was a winner. YEAH Free coffee!!!

Does loosing a G-tube make you anxious even though it's not "technically" a severe emergency? Does it get less stressful with more experience?

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