Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Eye and Physio Update

On Friday we went to the University of Waterloo's Paediatric and Special Needs Optometry Clinic to have Gideon's eyes assessed.  We didn't have his lenses with us because the person calling us with the appointment told us he shouldn't have them in during the appointment.  Unfortunately the opposite was true and he should have had them in.  They tried to do the assessment with his glasses on. The end result was 20/300 vision with his right eye being stronger than the left.  We will go back in three months for another assessment.

I met with physio yesterday and she would like us to buy a "vasi vertical stander" for Gideon.

The assistive devices program (ADP) should cover the cost of a very basic version.  If we want to upgrade than we will have to pay some extra. 

This device will help Gideon stand and hopefully help orientate him to being in a vertical position.  We have no idea how long he will need this for.  

(My heart broke a little more with the realization that he needs equipment like this. Sometimes it is hard to hold back my tears.  I wish I could just make everything better.)   

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